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The Checkinn 99 Renovation

Having moved from location to location, Checkinn 99 now has a new home.

This renovation picked the pieces of what was an off beat dance club and turned it into a near replica of the old location. With the checker board floor, tiffany lights, and the high theatre ceiling this new location will likely become a hot spot for expats and local alike who prefer live music and a show,

The project included extensive steel work, tiling, a new electrical system increasing the buildings power supply to 400 AMPs, and an extensive en-devour to soundproof the walls so as not to disturb the people sleep next door.

Commercial Shop House Renovation (The Object Room – K Village)

From New Zealand to Bangkok come the Object Room.
This commercial renovation or refit come with unique constrains in that due to the nature of the management office certain rules had to be followed. For example, no nails, screw, or fixture of any kind could be attached to the walls where bare concrete was exposed. Therefore false walls were built to firstly create the shop front, secondly create the dividing wall, and lastly to create a false wall to the side to accommodate shelving.

The design is very simple and modern with white walls, blacked out ceilings with exposed conduits and air conditioning. A polish concrete floor coupled with an imitation concrete finish on the dividing and front walls brings together the overall design.

The MET Sathron: Kitchen removal and re-fit (ON-GOING)

Owning a property has its perks and one of those is that you can have everything just the way you want it. As with this project the clients felt the overall colour scheme that came with the original kitchen did not match with the rest of the condo. Therefore a new kitchen has been designed to replace the kitchen that came. Floor tiles and wall tiles will also be replaced along with the decorative marble paneling.

The final product with be chic and smart, matching the overall decor and design of the condo and more importantly the clients tastes.

Modern smart design and renovation (COMPLETE)

This 80sqm condo needed a revamp and so the interior was gutted, removing all the furniture, flooring, and the old balcony roofing.

With a new interior, paint, and block work, followed by a new engineered wood floor, this condo will have a new look and feel.

Asok Towers Modern Renovation (ON GOING)

A combination of design and ingenuity will see two separate condos units combined into one large 250 SQM unit that will have new walls, new plumbing (replacing the pre-existing steel pipe plumbing) with new PPR pipes throughout, and new bespoke furniture.

Full view

Bespoke 800 SQM house build – Pathum Thani

This bespoke two story house, having stared life as an empty plot of land, is being built from the ground up and encompasses 800 SQM. This house will incorporate a VRF AC system, extra thick walls, double glazed windows and doors, extra thick roof insulation, and heat reflective roof tiles along side numerous other innovations that will make this house highly efficient and economical.

Work started with 80 foundation piles that were pushed down to an average of 22 meters placed to support the house and all surrounding structures such as the lake side sala and both 3 port driveways. From there the ring beam and footings were constructed with a complicated inner steel structure guaranteeing that this house will stand firm. This ensures that complications common to many houses built without proper piles such as sinking and cracking are avoided.

The floors and columns are made of a steel structure and poured concrete, tested each time with a slump test to confirm the consistency of each truck load thus ensuring the strength of both the floors and columns. Block work soon followed with special ordered extra thick Q-con bricks.

The roof is made of a light weight steel truss structure that was assembled and lifted onsite into place, followed then by concrete composite roof tile that is designed to reflect heat.

All builtin furniture is designed to fit the exact specifications of the clients from media centers that are made so that line of site is at its optimal level, to the extra large kitchen island kitchen work tops, and the environmentally controlled walking closet.

This house will incorporate mass amount of natural stone cladding both on the exterior and interior giving a very unique feel to the house. Natural slate, stone jigsaw, and travertine stone are but a few examples.



Finished living area

Modern Condo Renovation: Phaholyothin Soi 14 (COMPLETE)

This modern renovation was a complete start to finish turn key project that involved the complete removal of all condo’s interiors including floors, walls, ceilings, and electrical system. The entire condo was remade new with new tiles, new walls, new plumbing, and new ceilings.

The final condo has a semi smart home system incorporated allowing the client full control over the new lighting system from the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom allowing for various moods and tones ready at the touch of a button.

The furniture is wooden hand made and fitted on site with hidden feature LED lighting.

Total project time line: 3 Months not including weekends and public/government holidays.

Finished furniture

Neighborhood House Extension/Media Room : Mantana 3 (COMPLETE)

This extension based on European design was built with double thick walls, double insulated roof and ceiling, and double glazed windows and door reducing sound and heat conduction by approximately 70% – 80%. The client also requested a small store room converted from the driveway with an epoxy flooring.

The new room was build as a new part of the original house, however, in order to not void any warranty that comes with the original house the extension could not be attached to the house’s foundations in any way. The extension therefore has its own separate foundation, piled to a depth of 21 meters or until the piling would no longer move. All piles for the extension are at a depth of 20 – 22 meters. This guarantees against sinking and movement.

All builtin furniture was a one off custom design, designed by the client and built based on their own very specific specifications for data and media storage and fitted onsite within a day as manufacturing was completed off site.

Total project time frame: 3 months not including public holidays and Sundays


Master Bedroom

Contemporary condo renovation : Wilshire Sukhumvit 22 (COMPLETE)

This contemporary condo renovation started with the removal of all the pre-existing hardwood floors, ceilings and air-conditioning’s, pre-existing builtin furniture, electrical system, and kitchen.

Custom designed this condo will incorporate a marble imitation main floor and hallway, custom designed furniture with incorporated hidden lighting, wood in-layed recessed ceilings with builtin sound systems, and a new AC system that will better accommodate the size of the overall condo.

Project time line: 4 months not including public holidays and week ends.