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When it just doesn’t fit anywhere else.

The Checkinn 99 Renovation

Having moved from location to location, Checkinn 99 now has a new home.

This renovation picked the pieces of what was an off beat dance club and turned it into a near replica of the old location. With the checker board floor, tiffany lights, and the high theatre ceiling this new location will likely become a hot spot for expats and local alike who prefer live music and a show,

The project included extensive steel work, tiling, a new electrical system increasing the buildings power supply to 400 AMPs, and an extensive en-devour to soundproof the walls so as not to disturb the people sleep next door.

Commercial Shop House Renovation (The Object Room – K Village)

From New Zealand to Bangkok come the Object Room.
This commercial renovation or refit come with unique constrains in that due to the nature of the management office certain rules had to be followed. For example, no nails, screw, or fixture of any kind could be attached to the walls where bare concrete was exposed. Therefore false walls were built to firstly create the shop front, secondly create the dividing wall, and lastly to create a false wall to the side to accommodate shelving.

The design is very simple and modern with white walls, blacked out ceilings with exposed conduits and air conditioning. A polish concrete floor coupled with an imitation concrete finish on the dividing and front walls brings together the overall design.

The MET Sathron: Kitchen removal and re-fit (ON-GOING)

Owning a property has its perks and one of those is that you can have everything just the way you want it. As with this project the clients felt the overall colour scheme that came with the original kitchen did not match with the rest of the condo. Therefore a new kitchen has been designed to replace the kitchen that came. Floor tiles and wall tiles will also be replaced along with the decorative marble paneling.

The final product with be chic and smart, matching the overall decor and design of the condo and more importantly the clients tastes.

Modern smart design and renovation (COMPLETE)

This 80sqm condo needed a revamp and so the interior was gutted, removing all the furniture, flooring, and the old balcony roofing.

With a new interior, paint, and block work, followed by a new engineered wood floor, this condo will have a new look and feel.

Master Bedroom

Contemporary condo renovation : Wilshire Sukhumvit 22 (COMPLETE)

This contemporary condo renovation started with the removal of all the pre-existing hardwood floors, ceilings and air-conditioning’s, pre-existing builtin furniture, electrical system, and kitchen.

Custom designed this condo will incorporate a marble imitation main floor and hallway, custom designed furniture with incorporated hidden lighting, wood in-layed recessed ceilings with builtin sound systems, and a new AC system that will better accommodate the size of the overall condo.

Project time line: 4 months not including public holidays and week ends.