About Us

Bangkok Home Services Co., Ltd is a wholly Thai-owned company.

What makes us different from the rest?

We respond to all projects.

We strive to show up for all our appointments, on time.

We call to inform you when we are running late.

We do not quit until a job is done to your satisfaction.

All our jobs are guaranteed for up to a year.

You will recognise our team from the uniform they wear.

We hire our own, and thus do not rely as much on sub-contractors.

Our quotes are based on carefully calculated costs, and we can justify all the prices we quote.

We do not let anyone into your house unless they are first allowed in ours.

Bangkok Home Services was formed to provide a one stop solution to all your home improvement needs. Years of experience in the British home building industry combined with years of experience in the multi-cultural management of Thai staff enable us to get jobs completed faster and to a higher standard than others.

Built In Furniture

Luxury Bedroom


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