Smart Home Automation

Imagine the comfort of walking into a home where the air conditioning has been activated and cooled automatically prior to your arrival, or the peace of mind and security of being able to see the rooms in your house on your mobile device. Bangkok Home Services are specialists at home automation in Thailand, and can provide simple systems for remote control of air conditioning and lighting, to complex systems that turn your living space into the ultimate “smart home”.

Bangkok Home Automation

Dimmers and Lighting

This is our most popular control category because it’s an easy and affordable way to become involved with home automation. Among the variety of applications, consumers can automate and control light fixtures to create optimum lighting for any activity, such as watching television and reading, or program lights for security while controlling them remotely from anywhere in the house or world through the Internet.

Security Systems & Access Control

Bangkok Home Services offers solutions to help consumers save money on surveillance services while monitoring non-traditional security events such as a flood in the laundry room or basement. Bangkok Home Services offers security products that allow the front door to be unlocked or the garage door to be closed through the Internet or phone. In addition, we provide products that allow users to view live images of visitors at the front door displayed on the TV screen or computer screen over the Internet.

Home Theater

Bangkok Home Services offers premiere home theater components and products that allow consumers control all audio and video functions from virtually anywhere in the home. For example, consumers no longer need to spend time looking for remotes to activate home theater components. With the touch of a single button, the television, audio and surround sound automatically activates. Additionally, we offer components allowing consumers to incorporate built-in speakers throughout the home or patio.

Temperature & Climate Control

Bangkok Home Services offers numerous products to help consumers save money on their cooling bills. For example, instead of running the air conditioner all day and night, consumers can program the thermostat to turn on each morning before they wake up and turn off as they leave for work, and on before arriving home.

Home Automation gives you added comfort, convenience, enhanced security and beneficial environmental savings in all your home systems which you automate. Home automation may include centralized control of lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), Audio Visual appliances, and other systems, to provide improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security. Call us to see what Bangkok Home Services can do for you!